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Higher Quinine content

With 95 parts per million of Quinine, one of the highest available in a tonic, TAUTONIC 95 is perfect to mix with a bold and dry spirit of choice, stimulating the palate with a pleasant bitter taste.

Zero sugar

TAUTONIC 95 ZERO is the ideal sugar-free tonic to pair with a spirit of choice or enjoy on its own, as a healthy no sugar soft-drink.


With a refreshing mix of natural aromas of elderflower, pomegranate and orange, TAUTONIC PINK will donate a beautiful pink color to your Gin & Tonic.


Delicately mixed natural botanical ingredients give TAUTONIC AZUL a peculiar Mediterranean flavor, with an accentuate note of Rosemary.

Lower Quinine content

With 82 parts per million of Quinine, TAUTONIC 82 is a non-flavoured tonic which pairs with a variety of spirits, while maintaining its distinctive pleasant bitter taste.

A bespoke Cocktail Experience.

The unique range of TAUTONIC provides the luxury of choosing between a variety of natural flavoured tonics, with or without-sugar, as well as plain tonics with different Quinine levels.
With new variants introduced regularly according to our customers' needs, TAUTONIC is the Premium tonic water of choice for a truly bespoke Cocktail experience.

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