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Natural Mineral Water — Glass

Stars cap.

One in every 10 bottles features a special "stars" cap. Have you been lucky enough to spot one?

Crimson Red.

A specially commissioned Crimson Red glass bottle which can be recycled.

A unique bottle.

All our products are trade mark designs owned by Tŷ Nant.

Typical Analysis:

Ca: 22.5 mg/l

Mg: 11.5 mg/l

Na: 22.0 mg/l

K: 1.0 mg/l

Fe: 0.002 mg/l

Cl: 14.0 mg/l

SO₄: 3.7 mg/l

NO₃: <0.1 mg/l

F: 0.148 mg/l

pH: 6.80

Dry Residue @180°C: 165 mg/l

To celebrate the company's 10th anniversary, Tŷ Nant offered the same elegant bottle shape in Crimson Red.

The distinguishable Crimson Red bottle soon became complimentary to Tŷ Nant's original Cobalt Blue bottle, often used to differentiate Still from Sparkling.

The initially limited edition colour was highly appreciated and production was never discontinued.

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Special Commendation

Pairing water with the correct food or wine begins with mouth feel.

This differs by water depending on the pH, the acidity of the water and whether a still or sparkling beverage choice. This can significantly alter the appreciation of a dining experience.

Tŷ Nant and TAU although bottled at the same location are drawn from different sources and depths from an underground aquifer, which allows a slight difference in the taste of these pure Welsh waters.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

High mineral content waters can leave the mouth with a dry sensation or leave the taste of various minerals. For instance Calcium can leave the imbiber with the sense of chalkiness which can detract from the enjoyment of a meal.

Tŷ Nant and TAU brands provide a nicely balanced mineral content and relatively low level of TDS which will at all times leave the palate cleansed and ready to enjoy the flavours whether subtle or strong of the dish presented.

Still Water

Tŷ Nant and TAU in a still variant is an enjoyable neutral water with a pH between 6.8 to 7.2. The neutral tasting Tŷ Nant and TAU provides the consumer with a clean, soft water which can be enjoyed with a host of menu options from a fish starter through to a desert, our still offering is the perfect accompaniment.

Sparkling Water

With a lower pH and more acidic offering, carbonated water will allow the diner to cleanse the palate and easily stand the rigours of robust meat dishes, sauces, fish courses with oils or aromatic foods.

Cocktail making

Mixologists from around the world know they can rely on a great sparkling water for those recipes requiring the correct “delicate fizziness” for the aromas to come alive. 

Both Tŷ Nant and TAU brands offer the perfect sparkling water of choice to all imbibers in the cocktail scene 

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Natural Mineral Water — Glass